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Thank you for booking with The Cruise Company. We would like to introduce you to our office and give you some important information for your upcoming cruise. You should receive a copy of your invoice, a brochure/itinerary information for your cruise, and a flyer from Travelex Insurance. If you do not receive all of this information, please contact your cruise expert for a duplicate copy. We do not send to multiple addresses for the same cabin or booking.

  • If you have purchased a “guarantee” cabin, you will get a cabin assignment about one week prior to sailing. The cruise line will assign cabins at random. The Cruise Company has NO control over cabin assignments.

  • All dining requests will be forwarded to the cruise line at the time of booking. Please note that this is a request – not confirmation.

  • If you would like to request a particular air schedule or airline, please ask your cruise expert about an air deviation. Note: There is a service fee from the cruise line for this service. If you have booked air with the cruise line, please note that the cruise line will assign the air schedules and it is at their discretion what airline and routing they put you on unless you do an air deviation.

  • Air schedules are received about three weeks prior to departure. Please contact the individual airlines for your seat assignments, frequent flyer numbers, wheelchair assistance, and special meal requests. Your cruise EDOCS will arrive by email about three weeks prior to sailing date. Only passengers in the same cabin and traveling from the same air city are guaranteed to be on the same flights. If you must be on the same flight as other passengers, an optional air deviation can be requested for you. Note: There is a service fee from the cruise line for this service.

IMPORTANT IMMIGRATION INFORMATION: VALID PASSPORTS ARE REQUIRED for ALL sailings that make a call on any foreign port including Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Passports should be valid for at least six months after your return. Your first, middle & last name must match your passport exactly. No abbreviations or nick-names please. See the US government passport requirements at www.travel.state.gov for further details.

NON US CITIZENS: Passengers who are not citizens of the United States are responsible for determining the proper documentation needed to travel and return to the U.S. Check with the consulate of the country or countries that you will be visiting or with your home consulate for this information.
NOTE: It is each individual’s responsibility to secure the required documentation, such as a visa, for their respective cruise. The Cruise Company is not responsible for anyone being denied boarding because of improper documentation.

Children under the age of 18 who are not traveling with both biological parents must have a notarized letter signed by both biological parents giving permission for the child to be taken out of the country and permission to treat in case of emergency release. If only one parent is traveling with a child, the other parent must provide the permission letter. Parents or guardians with full legal custody must provide court documentation to provide they have the full legal custody.